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Vehicle Storage / Car Pool

Besides General Warehouse, Dunex Logistics also offers Vehicle Storage / Car Pool for both indoor and outdoor area. With the total area of more than 81,000 m2 Vehicle Storage area, Dunex Logistics can accommodates more than 3,200 passenger cars.

Facilities inside the Vehicle Storage, such as:

  • PDI
  • Washing Bay
  • Loading & Unloading Area
  • Flood Prevention System + Water Pumps
  • CCTV Monitoring


We provide "Total Logistics Solution" that is competitive and tailored to your distinctive needs. With extensive resource, abilities and professionalism we will look after your company and your cargos


PT.Dunia Express Transindo

Jl. Agung Karya VII No.1 Sunter
Jakarta Utara 14340 - Indonesia
Phone: +62 (21) 6511137 (5 lines)
+62 (21) 6505603 (5 lines)
Facsimile: +62 (21) 6510454 - 6514181
Email : info@dunextr.com

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