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PT. Dunia Express Transindo is a company with line of business in logistics service establised in 1990 which have transportation service for cargoes and containers as one of important supporting activeties.

PT. Dunia Express Transindo right now has operated approximately 400 vehicles, include : Container Trailer, Heavy cargo Trailer, Extention Trailer, Wing Boxes, CDE, CDD, Fuso, Car carrier , and Towing Car, which all are provided to give service and satisfaction to our customers and handled by skilled and expert staffs.

To give continual improvement service and satisfaction to our customer, PT. Dunia Express Transindo is also cooperate with several consultan for handling vehicle maintenance, provide driver training, which have supported by intergrated system between our internal section so we can give good service and high quality.

PT Dunia Express Transindo have done the operation in several areas in Jabotabek, West Java, Central Java, East Java, Sumatra and Bali.

General Cargo
Heavy Cargo Transport
Car Carrier
Towing Car